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Spirometer Respiratory Diagnostic System

31 August, 2010 | spirometer

The efficiency of a new respiratory drug can be checked most efficiently with the help of a respiratory diagnostic system, e.g. a spirometer. SpiroThor and SpiroTube Mobile Edition respiratory diagnostic systems have been optimized for drug testing in the field. The devices can be used independently by the patients, themselves. A simple and user friendly [...]

When Buying Used Equipment, It Pays to Know Your Terms

25 August, 2010 | medical equipment

Buying pre-owned Medical equipment is a great way to save money while expanding your practice. Here are some key terms you may encounter when buying.  Understanding them will help ensure that your purchase meets expectations. Used or Pre-owned: The Medical equipment being purchased is simply being sold “as is, where is”. The price on such [...]

Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography: General Considerations

22 August, 2010 | CT Scanner

Coronary computed tomography (CCTA) is currently considered to be a technique for high-resolution computed tomography (CT) imaging of the heart. It has become generally accepted that patients with negative CT cardiac results will not need to undergo cardiac catheterization. The radiation dose for the CCTA with modern techniques is much lower than even a few [...]

Breast Screening with the Aid of MRI

19 August, 2010 | MRI

In the detection and assessment of breast cancer by MRI, gadolinium contrast agent is used to highlight lesions and their extent. Subtraction and fat suppression techniques are used to minimize loss of visibility. The screening of the general population by MRI is not practical because of its high cost and limited availability. Although MRI screening [...]


18 August, 2010 | Linear Accelerators

A linear accelerator is the device used for high-energy x-radiation treatments to patients diagnosed with cancer.  It is very large and heavy apparatus, with highly sophisticated technologies driven by dedicated software. The linear accelerator is located in a room with lead and concrete walls, so that the high-energy x-rays are shielded. The accelerator only gives [...]


18 August, 2010 | maintenance & installation

The Global Oncology Health Network has been in the business of de-installing all imaging modalities of medial equipment, for the past fifteen years. Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, Linear Accelerators, Simulators and Rad rooms. In 1996 I began my journey in the De-installation, crating and transportation service. We have been servicing clients [...]


18 August, 2010 | Medical Software

BiomedBuddy is nothing short of a revolution in medical equipment maintenance. In a time of rising health care costs, shrinking budgets, and the expansion of medicine across the globe, BiomedBuddy puts you in control of your medical equipment by providing support and documentation allowing hospitals to service their own equipment. The main idea behind the [...]