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How to Find Any Medical Equipment Part You Need

31 January, 2011 | medical equipment parts

Searching for replacement medical equipment parts can be a frustrating ordeal, as the precise medical part you require to get your equipment up and running may not be available from the source you originally purchased it from. Tracking down unusual medical equipment parts can be a trying experience. Sometimes you can’t find the exact medical [...]

Digital Cardiovascular X-ray Systems

25 January, 2011 | X-ray

Cardiovascular X-ray equipment is used to produce dynamic images of the patient’s heart and blood vessels. Historically, these systems used an image intensifier, attached to a video camera, to display the images. Modern systems use flat panel detectors, which are substantially lighter than image intensifiers, allowing faster C-arm rotations, therefore reducing examination times. With current [...]

What to Take into Consideration When Buying a CT Scanner

9 January, 2011 | CT Scanner

Technical specifications of available CT scanners are often quite extensive. Although it is helpful to review these for each CT scanner component, this may not reflect the relative clinical performance of the systems. It is also important to recognize that the performance in practice depends on the trade-off between image quality and radiation dose. The [...]

Pulse Oximeters

2 January, 2011 | Anesthesiology Equipment, Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oxymetry is a non-invasive technique of measuring oxygen saturation in arterial blood. (SpO2). This process is based on two factors: A pulsatile signal is generated by the heart in arterial blood, which is not present in venous blood and other tissues. Oxyhemoglobin and reduced hemoglobin have different absorption spectra. Also, it is important to [...]