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Safe Use of Diagnostic Ultrasound

20 February, 2011 | Diagnostic System, Ultrasound Scanners

Diagnostic ultrasound is an imaging modality that is useful in a wide range of clinical applications, particularly prenatal diagnosis. There is, to date, no evidence that diagnostic ultrasound has produced any harm to humans (including the developing fetus). Diagnostic ultrasound is generally perceived by users and patients as a safe technique with no adverse effects. [...]

The Importance of Medical Equipment Parts for Imaging Departments

16 February, 2011 | medical equipment parts

Imaging is defined as radiological production of a clinical image using X-rays, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, radionuclide scanning, thermography, etc.; especially, cross-sectional imaging, such as ultrasonography, CT or MRI. From the very basic x-ray equipment, to more complex MRI and nuclear medicine applications: all imaging medical equipment parts must be quickly and easily accessible [...]

Blood Gas Analyzers

13 February, 2011 | Blood Gas Analyzer

Blood gas analyzers range in size and weight from quite small, hand- portable systems to larger analyzers that must be transported using a cart. Depending on an analyzer’s capability, the test menu can be customized to include any desired combination of analytes and calculated parameters. Generally, the test menu allows measurement of blood gases, electrolytes, [...]


6 February, 2011 | Tomosynthesis, X-ray

Tomosynthesis is a method for producing images of slices through the body using a general radiographic X-ray system with a direct digital radiography detector. This is accomplished by obtaining a large number of image acquisitions across a range of projection angles of the X-ray tube. Currently, tomosynthesis is an optional add-on for suitable DR systems. [...]