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All About Fixed C-Arm for X-ray

28 March, 2011 | C-ARM

C-Arm is the general name of x-ray imaging equipment which is based on an x-ray source and electronic image detector. Such equipment is used in cath labs, angiographic rooms, fluoroscopy rooms etc. The C-Arm itself is a large arc bearing the x-ray tube on one end and the detector system on the other end. It [...]

Ultrasound Elastography Applications

23 March, 2011 | Ultrasound Scanners

Ultrasound elastography is the use of ultrasound to produce measurements or images of tissue stiffness. Several different approaches are used, but all rely on creating some form of displacement of the tissue and measuring the response. Ultrasound elastography can be implemented in a number of ways; from simple add-ons for conventional ultrasound scanners, to dedicated [...]

Linear Accelerators (LINAC) Today

10 March, 2011 | Linear Accelerators

A Linear Accelerator, commonly known as LINAC, has become the standard method of producing photons and electrons for radiation therapy treatments, generating energy for external beam radiation treatments for cancer.  Linear accelerators now account for the majority of treatment machines used today and are complex, computer-powered systems that deliver precise, highly controlled doses of radiation [...]

The Value of CT Scanner Parts

7 March, 2011 | CT Scanner Parts

CT scanners are comprised of a number of integrated and interdependent CT parts, using a special computer and rotating x-ray device to create detailed, cross-sectional images, known as slices, of limbs, organ and other body parts. The CT scanner system looks like a large, square doughnut. A flat patient couch, a distinctive CT part, is [...]

The Intricate World of MRI Parts

3 March, 2011 | MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, most commonly known as MRI, is a medical device system made up of an intricate set of primary performing MRI parts which use magnetic field and the natural resonance of atoms in the body to obtain images of human tissues. The first functioning MRI device was launched in 1945 and the equipment [...]