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Important Information About PET-CT

24 April, 2011 | PET-CT

In most modern healthcare facilities, PET scans are now carried out on instruments that combine PET and CT scanners. The combined PET-CT scans provide images that identify the exact site of irregular metabolic activity within the body. The combined PET-CT scans have been shown to provide more accurate diagnoses than the two scans performed separately. [...]

What You Need to Know About Mammography Parts

17 April, 2011 | Mammography Unit

Before purchasing mammography parts, it is important to know what type of mammography system your medical facility uses. Mammography x-ray systems are specially designed to produce radiographic images of the breast. This equipment is assembled of unique mammography parts, customized to produce the best images, with the minimal possible amount of exposure to x-ray radiation. [...]

Your Guide to Cath Lab Parts

7 April, 2011 | Cath lab

Procedures in the cardiac catheterization field are primarily concentrated on the study and treatment of the heart chambers, coronary arteries, and other proximal vasculature. Categories in this field may include: Cath Labs, Radiographic Fluoroscopic units, Digital Vascular Imaging Systems, Angiography Units, Cardiac Catheterization Equipment and Cardiac Cath Lab Imaging Systems. When using a cath lab [...]

Tips for Buying Mobile C-Arm Parts

5 April, 2011 | C-ARM

C-Arms have become an essential and fundamental piece of medical equipment in most hospitals throughout the world. A mobile C-arm unit generally consists of two units: the intensifier unit and the television or workstation unit. The intensifier unit consists of a C-arm with a range of movements, allowing for use in a variety of surgical [...]