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5 Things You Should Know About the Extremity CT Scanner

31 January, 2012 | CT Scanner, imaging equipment, medical equipment, MedWOW

The latest development in technology for cameras for sale can be truly astounding. But it can also leave patients wondering why the same advancements aren’t being made in medical imaging. To help give you a better idea of the new developments in medicine, we have decided to focus on the Extremity CT Scanner.

About Surgical Instruments Used in Plastic Surgery

29 January, 2012 | plastic surgery, Surgery Equipment, surgical instruments

The broad Plastic Surgery profession involves a wide-ranging variety of surgical instruments and tools. Upgrading and maintaining the tools of the plastic surgery trade is fundamental for healthcare providers concerned with providing their patients with excellent results for both cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries.

Understanding Surgical Diathermy

24 January, 2012 | MedWOW, Surgery Equipment

Surgical diathermy, also known as electrosurgery, is the passage of a high-frequency alternating current through the body to produce a desirable surgical effect. The electrosurgery device market is lucrative and highly competitive. Understanding a few basic principles of electrosurgery physics can allow a surgeon to be a more informed consumer of electrosurgical products.

Healing with Continuous Shortwave Diathermy

11 January, 2012 | MedWOW, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Ultrasound Scanners

A type of technology that has shown real worth in the clinical setting is shortwave diathermy, as it can aid greatly in controlling pain and increasing the blood flow to damaged muscle areas. Shortwave diathermy acts with deep heat, as opposed to sound waves. In conjunction with other non medication-based therapies, shortwave diathermy can help a large number of patients with varying degrees of injury, as well as different types of injury.

Flat Panel Detectors for X-Ray Imaging

5 January, 2012 | Digital Radiography, imaging equipment, X-ray

Just as digital technologies have dramatically improved home audio and video fidelity, flat panel digital X-ray technology offers significant improvement in image quality and dose utilization. The performance of the flat panel detector imagers is rated as the value of DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency).