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Reducing Body Radiation Dose At CT

29 March, 2012 | CT Scanner, maintenance & installation, Radiology

The explosive spread of CT can be attributed to its speed and diagnostic benefits. Recently it was estimated that more than 70 million CT examinations were performed each year in the United States. Although it accounts for only about one tenth of total radiologic examinations, CT is responsible for more than two thirds of the [...]

Common Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Monitors

22 March, 2012 | intensive care, Surgery Equipment

Intensive care units (ICU) employ a variety of different monitoring techniques in patient care. Monitoring equipment is used in ICUs when care demands more accurate monitoring than bedside physical examination. Equipment can be tailored to monitor a variety of vital signs on a patient, such as, cardiac, pulmonary, hemodynamic, or volume status. Monitors can also [...]

Growth of the Global Medical Equipment Market

21 March, 2012 | medical equipment

Currently, the global medical equipment market is experiencing explosive growth. Some estimates predict it will reach $ 365 Billion US dollars by 2015. This is simultaneously occurring as much of the world economies are experiencing economic recession. Much of what is fueling demand is expansion of health care services for the aging population. Medical devices [...]

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

18 March, 2012 | medical equipment, Ultrasound Scanners

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a newly designed non-invasive cancer treatment that has the ability to accurately destroy tumors , basically the HIFU operates by bringing numerous beams of ultrasound to a point within the tumor, this effectively destroys the tumor and the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. This sound wave will pass through the [...]


12 March, 2012 | Cardiology Equipment, Emergency Equipment, medical equipment

Defibrillators – A Measure For Life Saving The most common form of treatment for any form of life threatening cardiac arrhythmias and pulsless tachycardia is defibrillation, this is the process of giving a measured amount of electrical energy to the patients heart by way of a defibrillator. It is this electrical current that will halt [...]