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Amazing new method for testing blood without a needle

21 June, 2012 | News

Are you among the many who get squeamish or have difficulties giving blood? You’ll be happy to know that there are groups worldwide working on devices that will make testing blood and administering medication intravenously easier and more efficient. One such noteworthy endeavor led by Dr. Dvir Yelin at the Biomedical Optics Laboratory, Technion Israel [...]

HUGE Increase in Parts Sales

4 June, 2012 | News

To further add to the comprehensive package of services offered on MedWOW, a Medical Equipment Parts Finder service was recently introduced, which includes providing several quotes from international sellers of the requested medical part, so medical equipment decision-makers can leverage their options and assess which is the best value for their facility’s needs. As it [...]

Expanding MedWOW Market Presence in Asia

4 June, 2012 | News

MedWOW is delighted to announce that we are expanding our presence in Asian Markets through the addition of language support and franchisee service staff available now in Mandarin. MedWOW’s ability to offer our customers complete global coverage is paramount to giving our users access to new and profitable business partners worldwide. The growth and importance [...]

Pneumonitor™, Continuous Respiratory Monitoring for Premature Infants

4 June, 2012 | News

A newly developed device for the monitoring of respiratory problems in premature babies has recently been developed by Pneumedicare. The device continuously monitors the baby’s respiratory function, and can immediately detect any deterioration. In addition to detection, the device may assist in characterizing any underlying problems. Thus, it facilitates the diagnosis and correct treatment before [...]