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ECG Paramedic Instruction Saves Lives

26 August, 2012 | Cardiology Equipment, Emergency Equipment, intensive care, medical equipment, Pacemakers

In cases of severe heart attack such as STEMI (ST- segment elevation myocardial infarction), delay in restoring blood flow directly impacts the patient’s medical outcome. An audit in 2005 conducted by Canadian hospitals in the province of Manitoba, reviewed ambulatory procedures for cardiac patients. The audit revealed that only 14% of patients received blood clot [...]

Expanding Profitability in Chinese Grassroots Markets

22 August, 2012 | imaging equipment, medical equipment, News

As part of China’s campaign to improve public access to health care, its grassroots rural areas have been enjoying a much needed infusion of government funding to the tune of $9.86 Billion USD. Medical equipment purchasers need to equip 33,000 new and renovated facilities with cutting edge medical equipment. Although health care providers lean towards [...]

Who’s Hiding Medical Equipment?

12 August, 2012 | medical equipment, News

It’s not surprising that increased numbers of mobile medical equipment at hospitals pose a challenge to track their whereabouts; however what is surprising are the findings of a study done by GE Healthcare that equipment is not just disappearing, they are being intensionally hidden by Nurses. According to the GE study, Nurses spend more than [...]