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Forced-Air Warming Systems Explained

25 October, 2011 | Anesthesiology Equipment

How Can Hypothermia be Prevented in Medical Settings?   Unplanned hypothermia (a core temperature of less than 36 degrees C) can negatively impact patients in many ways. Even mild hypothermia may contribute to complications such as: surgical site infection, altered drug metabolism, impaired blood clotting, cardiovascular ischemia, prolonged recovery following surgery and shivering. It is [...]

Pulse Oximeters

2 January, 2011 | Anesthesiology Equipment, Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oxymetry is a non-invasive technique of measuring oxygen saturation in arterial blood. (SpO2). This process is based on two factors: A pulsatile signal is generated by the heart in arterial blood, which is not present in venous blood and other tissues. Oxyhemoglobin and reduced hemoglobin have different absorption spectra. Also, it is important to [...]