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Tips for Buying Mobile C-Arm Parts

5 April, 2011 | C-ARM

C-Arms have become an essential and fundamental piece of medical equipment in most hospitals throughout the world. A mobile C-arm unit generally consists of two units: the intensifier unit and the television or workstation unit. The intensifier unit consists of a C-arm with a range of movements, allowing for use in a variety of surgical [...]

All About Fixed C-Arm for X-ray

28 March, 2011 | C-ARM

C-Arm is the general name of x-ray imaging equipment which is based on an x-ray source and electronic image detector. Such equipment is used in cath labs, angiographic rooms, fluoroscopy rooms etc. The C-Arm itself is a large arc bearing the x-ray tube on one end and the detector system on the other end. It [...]