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Expanding Profitability in Chinese Grassroots Markets

22 August, 2012 | imaging equipment, medical equipment, News

As part of China’s campaign to improve public access to health care, its grassroots rural areas have been enjoying a much needed infusion of government funding to the tune of $9.86 Billion USD. Medical equipment purchasers need to equip 33,000 new and renovated facilities with cutting edge medical equipment. Although health care providers lean towards [...]

Who’s Hiding Medical Equipment?

12 August, 2012 | medical equipment, News

It’s not surprising that increased numbers of mobile medical equipment at hospitals pose a challenge to track their whereabouts; however what is surprising are the findings of a study done by GE Healthcare that equipment is not just disappearing, they are being intensionally hidden by Nurses. According to the GE study, Nurses spend more than [...]

MRI Reveals Live Birth from Inside the Body

29 July, 2012 | imaging equipment, medical equipment, MRI, News

Our understanding of the birthing process and the Medical Equipment associated with giving birth have advanced tremendously over modern medical history however dangerous complications can still arise placing both the mother and infant at risk. In 2005 there were 11 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births published in the United States, The World Health Report [...]

Wireless Wellness-Monitoring, How Safe is it?

26 July, 2012 | medical equipment, Medical Software, News

Although only 5 % of all medical devices have wireless capabilities, a recent study by the IMS indicates that 35 % of wireless-enabled medical devices sold in 2016 will be powered by Bluetooth technology. This projection suggests industry optimism that the Medical Field is in the process of embracing wireless wellness-monitoring as part of common [...]

Low Radiation CT Scans Thanks to Novel Device

19 July, 2012 | CT Scanner, imaging equipment, medical equipment, News

Overuse of high radiation diagnostic devices has caused occurrences of cancer to increase exponentially. According to an article in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, 70 million CT scans were done in the United States alone in 2007, up from 3 million in 1980. Further, out of those patients who underwent CT scans in 2007, [...]

View the Battlefield, Bacteria Vs. Immune System

19 July, 2012 | CT Scanner, imaging equipment, medical equipment, News

Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue affecting worldwide Medical Health today. Bacterial illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea and meningitis are responsible for millions of deaths and the reappearance of older pathogens like tuberculosis concern medical professionals who are finding infections more and more resistant to traditional forms of antibiotics. In response to this problem the MRC [...]

Finally a Viable Treatment for Heart Failure

15 July, 2012 | Cardiology Equipment, medical equipment, News

Millions of people suffer from Heart Failure worldwide with numbers on the rise. According to the American Heart Failure Association, 6 million Americans are afflicted with Heart Failure with an estimated 400,000 – 700,000 new cases expected to join them this year. The number of occurrences of patient death in the United States averages 250,000 [...]