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Common Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Monitors

22 March, 2012 | intensive care, Surgery Equipment

Intensive care units (ICU) employ a variety of different monitoring techniques in patient care. Monitoring equipment is used in ICUs when care demands more accurate monitoring than bedside physical examination. Equipment can be tailored to monitor a variety of vital signs on a patient, such as, cardiac, pulmonary, hemodynamic, or volume status. Monitors can also [...]

About Surgical Instruments Used in Plastic Surgery

29 January, 2012 | plastic surgery, Surgery Equipment, surgical instruments

The broad Plastic Surgery profession involves a wide-ranging variety of surgical instruments and tools. Upgrading and maintaining the tools of the plastic surgery trade is fundamental for healthcare providers concerned with providing their patients with excellent results for both cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries.

Understanding Surgical Diathermy

24 January, 2012 | MedWOW, Surgery Equipment

Surgical diathermy, also known as electrosurgery, is the passage of a high-frequency alternating current through the body to produce a desirable surgical effect. The electrosurgery device market is lucrative and highly competitive. Understanding a few basic principles of electrosurgery physics can allow a surgeon to be a more informed consumer of electrosurgical products.

Choosing the Right Operating Room Table

28 October, 2010 | Operating Room Table, Surgery Equipment

Operating room tables are the most central components in operating rooms, as they provide the physical support to the patient during surgical procedures. Operating room tables should be ergonomically designed and safe in all respects. Recently designed operating rooms have been planned to allow open surgery, as well as laparoscopic surgery (keyhole or minimally invasive [...]