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The Importance of Medical Equipment Parts for Imaging Departments

16 February, 2011 | medical equipment parts

medical imaging parts

medical imaging parts

Imaging is defined as radiological production of a clinical image using X-rays, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, radionuclide scanning, thermography, etc.; especially, cross-sectional imaging, such as ultrasonography, CT or MRI.

From the very basic x-ray equipment, to more complex MRI and nuclear medicine applications: all imaging medical equipment parts must be quickly and easily accessible for maintenance and upgrading. Medical imaging professionals know the importance of maintaining and upgrading their imaging devices on a regular basis, to stay on top of the latest imaging technologies, so they can best diagnose and treat their patients. In the past, hospitals and imaging centers were more likely to purchase new equipment, but due to budget cuts and other financial issues related to the economic recession, they are more likely to seek out replacement medical equipment parts. This situation has encouraged the growth of medical equipment parts services. As a matter of fact, the worldwide market for medical equipment parts and services in the imaging field alone is forecast to reach $11.6 billion by the year 2015.

Refurbished imaging equipment recorded record-breaking increases in several parts of the world, including the US and Europe. Purchasing of used systems and medical equipment parts or refurbishing existing machines has become a common practice in the US and Europe. Existing systems are updated and used medical equipment parts employed to address the growing demand for imaging procedures.

Procurement of replacement medical equipment parts for imaging equipment is therefore, at an all-time high and the supply doesn’t always meet the high demand.

To help meet this need, MedWOW created a Medical Equipment Part Finder Service. In order to best serve medical professionals throughout the world in need of replacement medical equipment parts, MedWOW partnered with several of the largest international medical parts suppliers. In this way, they have access to any available medical equipment part from thousands of manufacturers, makes and models on a global basis. A great boon to imaging departments in need of replacement parts, if you need a specific medical equipment part and you can’t find it anywhere, the MedWOW Medical Equipment Parts Finder Group will carry out the search for you and if it exists, they will locate the medical equipment part you need for your imaging system.

Thousands of imaging medical equipment parts are available in MedWOW-affiliated dealers’ inventories such as: MRI, Bone Densitometer, CT Scanners, Dental X-Rays, PACs, Rad Rooms, Ultrasounds and hundreds of other categories.  As a matter of fact, every manufacturer of medical equipment parts for imaging is available through MedWOW’s Medical Equipment Parts Finder.

The medical equipment parts finder service is free, so simply fill in your request in as much detail as possible, and then wait for your notice that your medical equipment part has been located.

Another medical equipment parts finder option that MedWOW offers is to take advantage of the all-inclusive search engine, which is built using numerous filtering options, so you can search for just about any medical equipment part and find it, even if it was manufactured years ago. You can also use the medical equipment parts synonym search, which allows you to check possible alternative names for the same medical equipment part.

If you still have not found your medical equipment part after trying the first 2 techniques, try posting a buying request, giving as much detail as possible about the medical equipment part you are searching for. Since MedWOW is a global platform, and thousands of sellers visit daily, you will then receive competitive quotes from sellers, giving you options to choose the best and most suitable medical equipment parts quote for your imaging department.