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New Hands-Free Injection Device for Home Care

10 September, 2012 | medical equipment, News

Solving common problems patients face, American medical technology company BD is developing an innovative injection device that addresses a few classic drawbacks for patients who need to receive injectables; adherence and convenience.

If medication is difficult or inconvenient to take, chances are patients will be more prone to miss doses which can impair the success of their treatment. Although from time to time many different types of patients need to receive injections, those with regular medication regiments include women who take hormone fertility treatment, aged patients with chronic conditions and diabetic patients who must receive daily insulin to ensure their health.

The Microinfusor patch injector is a hands-free medication delivery system. The device comes pre-assembled with its medication ready to go. The patient simply sticks the adhesive patch to their skin and the hidden needle administers medication as prescribed for the treatment.

As an example of the new generation of medical devices that are entering the global market today, the Microinfuser patch injector allows patients to enjoy home care and health care on the go as it suits their lifestyle. Like many other novel medical devices, the patch delivery system frees patients from frequent visits to health clinics or medical professionals, allowing them to administer their own treatment.

Here are some of the solutions the device offers to common difficulties patients experience when injecting medication:

  • The product’s design is user friendly for aged patients who suffer from dexterity issues.
  • The slow delivery, hands-free system is easy to use and so reduces problems with patient adherence.
  • The device’s design hides the needle both before and after adhesion facilitating better sharps safety.
  • The Microinfuser is for single use and is disposable.

Although The Microinfusor patch injector is not yet available for commercial purposes, it has attracted interest from pharmaceutical companies who wish to partner with the product to deliver their medications. As consumers, we can expect to see the device go commercial in the foreseeable future.