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18 August, 2010 | Medical Software

BiomedBuddy is nothing short of a revolution in medical equipment maintenance. In a time of rising health care costs, shrinking budgets, and the expansion of medicine across the globe, BiomedBuddy puts you in control of your medical equipment by providing support and documentation allowing hospitals to service their own equipment. The main idea behind the site is a collaborative training base, one that gives members access to video and written tutorials instructing on the maintenance and repair of many types of medical equipment. Members are also allowed and encouraged to submit their own training videos. For many hospitals, the cost of service contracts and repair work is far greater than the cost of the equipment, causing a sinkhole of cash flow every time a minor adjustment is needed. By accessing this site, hospital staff will have confidence in repairing and maintaining their equipment in house. In addition to the monetary savings, hospitals will find themselves with a more highly trained staff, more control over their equipment and the timeliness of service, and more predictable budgetary requirements for the service and maintenance of equipment. They will also be part of a larger community working to build self sufficiency within the medical community through the sharing of knowledge, lowering health care costs and improving productivity of in house staff.

But BiomedBuddy will do more than provide a more efficient and cost- effective alternative. For some hospitals, it is the only means through which to repair secondhand equipment and acquire reliable parts. As hospitals sell off old equipment, which do not generally come with the high-cost service plans with which they were initially sold, the buyers must gamble on whether it will be useful to them or not. Rarely is secondhand equipment sold in perfect condition, so the buying hospital must generally accept and work around any deficiencies. This may be due to the lack of funds to contract a repairman, or simply to the lack of access to one. When DIY is the only option, BiomedBuddy ensures that hospitals have the opportunity to use equipment to their fullest, and safest, capacity. Many hospitals in second and third world countries must rely on used equipment and parts, and many times buy multiple quantities of the same equipment in the hopes that one will do a decent job. With the skills gained from BiomedBuddy, these hospitals will be better able to utilize used equipment.

BiomedBuddydoes not stop at information sharing, however. It will also serve as an online marketplace for new and used medical equipment. Currently, BiomedBuddy offers any used part for the STAGO unit, testing each part on a working unit to ensure you receive a reliable part. They also have a consignment program where hospitals can sell their used or unwanted parts. The growth of the BiomedBuddy community will create a reliable and comprehensive one stop shop for medical parts and tools. This type of access makes in house repair and maintenance even simpler.

How does it work? operates on a system called Drupal – an open source content management platform. Because Drupal was created to handle the organization of large amounts of content, it is the perfect web solution for a site that will constantly be updated with user submitted information – tutorials, trainings, parts for sale, etc. Drupal contains built in functionality for e-commerce, submission and download of files, peer-to-peer networking, and collaborative authoring environments (think Wikipedia). These attributes allow to provide the large amount of content and flexibility needed for such an undertaking, and also ensure it’s sustainability throughout the inevitable growth and expansion of the site.

Why contribute? It is easy to see how the site will be useful to hospitals across the globe, but it is important that the site has contributors. In addition to member contributions, which will no doubt remain a large part of the BiomedBuddy library, we are seeking out Field Service Engineers, hospital BMET’s, Adobe Programmers, Flash Programmers, WEB Designers and other companies to assist us in making “Medical Service Training Programs”.In return for their assistance, they will get a share of the profits. Also, once a training program is completed, there is no work, only updating.Most of the work can be done at home and the pay-out lasts as long as the program is cost effective to maintain on the site.All information will of course be kept confidential.

It is free to join and to contribute to BiomedBuddy, giving users a hassle-free solution to meet their biomedical needs. For some, it will be the solution needed to offer reliable and affordable healthcare where there currently is none. For all, it will offer the freedom totruly be in control of their medical technology.

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this article was contributed by Global Medical Equipment Analysis Expert Kevin D. Richir – BiomedBuddy