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Spirometer Respiratory Diagnostic System

31 August, 2010 | spirometer

respiratory diagnostic systemThe efficiency of a new respiratory drug can be checked most efficiently with the help of a respiratory diagnostic system, e.g. a spirometer. SpiroThor and SpiroTube Mobile Edition respiratory diagnostic systems have been optimized for drug testing in the field. The devices can be used independently by the patients, themselves.

A simple and user friendly mobile phone interface has been implemented to collect the data. Once collected, the software that is running on the mobile phone sends the medical record via MMS to a server. The server has a very simple setup: it is a mobile phone receiving MMS data continuously and saving all the data on a PC. The medical records can be GDT or HL7 format, selected by the customer. The medical records are saved in the drug test database that is located either at the CRO or at the pharmaceutical company. The THOR system is simple, easy to set up, easy to use, and it is fully automated.

Thor Medical Systems provides a free replacement of SpiroTube 1.0. systems to the newest SpiroTube 2.0. systems, with much more features and fresh calibration. The change is completely free and a box of disposables is also provided for the first 50 customers.

The SpiroTube systems are PC-based ultrasonic spirometers, used mostly by pulmonary clinics, allergology centers and general practitioners.

The factory calibration for SpiroTube 1.0. was provided for 12 or 24 months, depending on the subversion and sales agreement.

The new SpiroTube 2.0. systems are available for former customers free of charge with 24 months calibration, and a number of new features, including:

-          ATS 24 compliance

-          FDA, CE Approval

-          Long-term monitoring of the patients,

-          Estimated Lung Age (ELA) functionality

-          Configurable physician report system

-          Much more…

contributed by Gyorgy (George) Ferenczi, Thor Medical Sytems KFT, Budapest Hungary, EU

You can contact George at:

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