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4D CT Scanner

15 May, 2013 | CT Scanner

The four dimensional computed tomography scanner (4D CT Scanner), is the next generation in medical imaging. It is faster and more accurate than traditional CT. With the 4D CT Scanner, in addition to obtaining a 3D image of the body, also the movement is recorded. The movement is registered throughout the breathing cycle, capturing the location [...]

Refurbishing CT Scanners

9 July, 2012 | CT Scanner, maintenance & installation

Professionally refurbished CTs look and perform similarly to brand new and used medical equipment. They offer medical and imaging centers, looking to make medical equipment sales, affordable solutions and outstanding value. The performance, reliability and lifespan of a refurbished CT scanner depends on the condition of the scanner prior to refurbishing; the quality of replacement [...]

Inspect to Protect Your High-End Medical Device Purchase

15 February, 2012 | device inspection, medical equipment inspection, testing

For your protection, when buying a high-end medical device costing over $100,000, it is highly recommended to have it professionally inspected prior to purchase. MedWOW’s Global Inspectors Network provides buyers and sellers with option to have various types of inspection services performed on an item prior to finalizing their transaction.

5 Things You Should Know About the Extremity CT Scanner

31 January, 2012 | CT Scanner, imaging equipment, medical equipment, MedWOW

The latest development in technology for cameras for sale can be truly astounding. But it can also leave patients wondering why the same advancements aren’t being made in medical imaging. To help give you a better idea of the new developments in medicine, we have decided to focus on the Extremity CT Scanner.

The Advantages of Cone-Beam CT Scanners

8 August, 2011 | Cone-Beam CT Scanners

How Cone-Beam CT is Superior Computed tomography imaging, also known as computed axial tomography scanning, involves the use of rotating x-ray equipment, combined with a digital computer, to acquire images of the body. Using CT imaging, cross sectional images of body organs and tissue can be produced. Though there are many other imaging techniques, CT [...]

CT Scanner Gantry Informational Guidelines

22 May, 2011 | CT Scanner

CT Scanner Gantry Basic Components The largest component of a CT scanner system is referred to as the scan or imaging system. The imaging system primarily includes the CT scanner gantry and patient table or couch. The CT scanner gantry is a moveable frame that contains the x-ray tube, including: collimators and filters, detectors, data [...]

CT Scanner X-Ray Tubes Clarified

15 May, 2011 | CT Scanner Parts

Improved Technologies Lead to Challenging Tasks for CT Scanner X-Ray Tubes. The most current CT scanning techniques place a high heat load on the CT scanner x-ray tube, due to the need for high tube current values to provide enough photons in the image, when scanning with fast rotations and fine slices. Increasing rates of [...]