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Choosing the Right Operating Room Table

28 October, 2010 | Operating Room Table, Surgery Equipment

Operating room tables are the most central components in operating rooms, as they provide the physical support to the patient during surgical procedures. Operating room tables should be ergonomically designed and safe in all respects. Recently designed operating rooms have been planned to allow open surgery, as well as laparoscopic surgery (keyhole or minimally invasive [...]

Hemodialysis and Home Hemodialysis

20 October, 2010 | Hemodialysis Machine

Hemodialysis is a method of renal replacement therapy, used to replace the lost kidney function of patients with advanced kidney disease. Hemodialysis devices replace some of the functions of the impaired kidneys, and work in a similar manner. Blood is pumped continuously from the patient into a dialyzer, and then back to the patient. In [...]

Spirometer Respiratory Diagnostic System

31 August, 2010 | spirometer

The efficiency of a new respiratory drug can be checked most efficiently with the help of a respiratory diagnostic system, e.g. a spirometer. SpiroThor and SpiroTube Mobile Edition respiratory diagnostic systems have been optimized for drug testing in the field. The devices can be used independently by the patients, themselves. A simple and user friendly [...]

When Buying Used Equipment, It Pays to Know Your Terms

25 August, 2010 | medical equipment

Buying pre-owned Medical equipment is a great way to save money while expanding your practice. Here are some key terms you may encounter when buying.  Understanding them will help ensure that your purchase meets expectations. Used or Pre-owned: The Medical equipment being purchased is simply being sold “as is, where is”. The price on such [...]