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The Intricacies of MRI Magnets

26 May, 2011 | MRI

The MRI magnet is the largest and the most expensive component of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging System. The Three Main MRI Magnet Types In general, there are three main types of magnets used in MRI systems: resistive, permanent and superconducting. Resistive MRI magnets are wound around a cylinder and create a magnetic field when electricity [...]

Medical Imaging Workstation

26 December, 2010 | imaging equipment

The term “medical imaging workstation” describes a computer system that allows a user to search, retrieve, display and manipulate images that have been created from various imaging modalities, such as: digital x-ray computed radiography, direct digital radiography, computed tomography (CT) scanner, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, ultrasound or any of the other digital imaging modalities [...]

Diffusion MRI

13 December, 2010 | MRI

Diffusion MRI, the commonly used magnetic resonance imaging method,  produces in vivo images of biological tissues weighted with local microstructural characteristics of water diffusion. In diffusion-weighted imaging, each image voxel has an image intensity that reflects a single best measurement of the rate of water diffusion at that location. This measurement is more sensitive to [...]

Breast Screening with the Aid of MRI

19 August, 2010 | MRI

In the detection and assessment of breast cancer by MRI, gadolinium contrast agent is used to highlight lesions and their extent. Subtraction and fat suppression techniques are used to minimize loss of visibility. The screening of the general population by MRI is not practical because of its high cost and limited availability. Although MRI screening [...]


18 August, 2010 | maintenance & installation

The Global Oncology Health Network has been in the business of de-installing all imaging modalities of medial equipment, for the past fifteen years. Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, Linear Accelerators, Simulators and Rad rooms. In 1996 I began my journey in the De-installation, crating and transportation service. We have been servicing clients [...]