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The Benefits of Pulse Oximetry

7 November, 2011 | MedWOW, Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximetry is a continuous and non-invasive method of measuring the level of arterial oxygen saturation in blood. The measurement is taken by placing a sensor on a patient, usually on the fingertip for adults, and the hand or foot for infants. The sensor is connected to the pulse oximetry instrument with a patient cable. The pulse oximetry sensor collects signal data from the patient and sends it to the instrument.

Pulse Oximeters

2 January, 2011 | Anesthesiology Equipment, Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oxymetry is a non-invasive technique of measuring oxygen saturation in arterial blood. (SpO2). This process is based on two factors: A pulsatile signal is generated by the heart in arterial blood, which is not present in venous blood and other tissues. Oxyhemoglobin and reduced hemoglobin have different absorption spectra. Also, it is important to [...]