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Digital Cardiovascular X-ray Systems

25 January, 2011 | X-ray

Cardiovascular X-ray equipment is used to produce dynamic images of the patient’s heart and blood vessels. Historically, these systems used an image intensifier, attached to a video camera, to display the images. Modern systems use flat panel detectors, which are substantially lighter than image intensifiers, allowing faster C-arm rotations, therefore reducing examination times. With current [...]

Digital Radiography

10 November, 2010 | Digital Radiography, imaging equipment

Radiography is an imaging technique that produces high-quality anatomic images by using x-rays. General radiography is currently a major part of hospital imaging departments and includes abdomen, chest and extremity examinations. The use of digital radiography has rapidly increased in recent years. Computed radiography provided a cost-effective transition mode from the traditional film (from the [...]