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Flat Panel Detectors for X-Ray Imaging

5 January, 2012 | Digital Radiography, imaging equipment, X-ray

Just as digital technologies have dramatically improved home audio and video fidelity, flat panel digital X-ray technology offers significant improvement in image quality and dose utilization. The performance of the flat panel detector imagers is rated as the value of DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency).

All About X-Rays and X-Ray Tubes

14 August, 2011 | X-Ray Tubes

The History of X-Ray X-rays are capable of penetrating some thickness of matter. Medical x-rays are produced by letting a stream of fast electrons come to a sudden stop at a metal plate. It is believed that X-rays emitted by the sun or stars also come from fast electrons. The images produced by X-rays are [...]


6 February, 2011 | Tomosynthesis, X-ray

Tomosynthesis is a method for producing images of slices through the body using a general radiographic X-ray system with a direct digital radiography detector. This is accomplished by obtaining a large number of image acquisitions across a range of projection angles of the X-ray tube. Currently, tomosynthesis is an optional add-on for suitable DR systems. [...]


18 August, 2010 | Linear Accelerators

A linear accelerator is the device used for high-energy x-radiation treatments to patients diagnosed with cancer.  It is very large and heavy apparatus, with highly sophisticated technologies driven by dedicated software. The linear accelerator is located in a room with lead and concrete walls, so that the high-energy x-rays are shielded. The accelerator only gives [...]