Tube Stripper - Hi Tech Instruments, DS-480

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Status: Open
Item type: Medical Supply
Category: Lab Supplies
Medical supply type: Tube Stripper
Manufacturer: Hi Tech Instruments
Model / Manufacturer catalog number: DS-480
Condition: New
Location: United States, Indiana
Manufactured date: Oct - 2018
Unit Price: 75.00 USD
Comments: Price is negotiable if the order is greater than 10 units
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Item Description
Donor Tube Stripper w/ hand sealer & cutter. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Product Description:
Donor Tube Stripper/Sealer is used to strip blood from donor tubing into the blood bag, seals the tube with clip and cuts tubing in the preparation of blood segments from the blood collection and processing procedures. The blood in the tubing segments is stripped into collection bags. Using the blades, the segments are further separated by cutting between the seals. The body is made of stainless steel with Teflon rollers. Its lightweight body makes it extremely comfortable for everyday use and resistant to falls.
 High-quality stainless steel
 Anti-rust, lightweight and sturdy
 Ease of cleaning by wiping or soaking in IPA
 Ergonomic design for good grip and stripping
 Ease fatigue over prolong use
 Self-centering Teflon roller system keeps the tubing in position
 Smooth traction for effective stripping of blood components
 Internal spring system keeps handles in open position
 Minimize entanglement with blood tubing
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Seller details
Hi Tech Instruments
Contact person: Taha Qureshi
Phone number: 1-317-9387081
Location: United States, Indiana
Business type: Manufacturer
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