is the most-visited international platform for buying and selling medical equipment. The user-friendly website connects buyers, sellers and service-providers of medical equipment from all over the world, by combining customer support in many languages with comprehensive professional support services and unmatched reliability. There exists no other Medical Platform offering such a wide array of services, and as a result, the multilingual site, now available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and Romanian (and more being added) is experiencing great demand from its global members.

MedWOW's users trade in 47 medical product categories, more than 830 device categories and 50,000 different models. Your ad will be served to thousands of medical equipment professionals worldwide who have already researched and are ready to buy. Reach a wider, highly qualified audience already in the final stages of the Buying Cycle, enhancing your efficiency, reliability and ROI.

With traffic from 190 countries and 1,100,000 key players in the medical equipment industry entering the site in the past 6 months through 142,000 online gateway pages advertising on is statistically the logical choice.

Where Do Our Users Come From?

  • 85% of MedWOW's new traffic comes from Google
  • Over 172,000 different keywords are used to find equipment and devices on MedWOW
  • 73% of traffic comes from Google's organic searches
  • 9% comes from Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • 3% comes from Google Product Search

Keyword Positions on Google

Keyword Google’s Position Place Num. of Results
used medical equipment 1 95,000,000
used ct scanner 1 2, 650,000
used cath lab 1 1,380,000
hospital liquidation 1 5,820,000
used mri equipment 1 7,850,000
used medical parts 1 731,000,000
medical equipment parts 1 58,600,000
cardiac ultrasound scanner 1 1,580,000
used diagnostic ultrasound 1 1,120,000
used cardiac ultrasound 1 6,840,000
used c-arm 1 75,000,000
used mri device 2 12,700,000
used cardiology Equipment 2 4,860,000
mammography unit 2 2,460,000
wanted medical equipment 2 27,500,000
used oncologyy Equipment 3 5,850,000
Neurosurgery Equipment 3 2,530,000
used bone densitometer 3 925,000
medical parts 3 974,000,000
used hospital equipment 5 26,900,000
buy medical equipment 5 74,700,000

* Valid as of Feb-2012

Partnership with ADTECH

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Combine our high quality, international user base of medical equipment professionals, with our content-targeted placement opportunities, dynamic ad formats and proven track record: the conclusion is that our vast advertising opportunities challenge any other available format.