Banner Advertising

Achieve maximum visibility with a banner ad on the homepage, as well as the highly trafficked device pages and item pages of MedWOW.
Benefits of Banner Advertising:
  • Reach a qualified audience of registered users with measurable results
  • Generate valuable customer leads and sales
  • Increase quality, targeted traffic to your company website
  • Reduce costs by more efficiently reaching your targeted audience worldwide
  • Reinforce your company’s brand through a reputable online marketplace
Banner design services are available. Please note that banner positioning is based on availability.
Choose Your Audience

MedWOW’s accurate and effective advertising lets you pinpoint exactly to whom and where you want your ads served. Geotargeting with our partner, ADTECH, offers location-specific opportunities to initiate thousands of introductions a day to buyers with the highest potentials for conversion, adding power to your online banner ads.
  • By continent, country, regions, areas and cities
  • By AC Nielsen areas and TV regions
  • By time of day, week or month…whenever is best for you!
Home Page Banner Ad

Make an immediate impact by having your ad served to thousands of high quality, international medical equipment professionals on a daily basis.

Device Channels Banner Ads

Looking for a way to advertise to customers who are specifically searching for your exact medical devices?
With more than 800 device channels to choose from, your ad will be served to customers looking for items in both your general device, as well as specific manufacturer and model.

How does this work?
For example: people searching for a CT Scanner will see your ad:
  • On all CT Scanner results pages (between 40-50 pages)
  • In all CT Scanner search filters, including: manufacturer, price range, year manufactured, continent, country, region, condition and 11 more filters specific to this device type 
  • On all specific CT Scanner items for sale pages (currently over 633 complete systems and 22,210 parts and accessories)

Device Page

Item Page