Manufacturer Specifications - RF-TVA with StabiliT , DFine

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Potentially increased safety for:
Patient: unipedicular approach- pass the cord once
Physician: reduced radiation exposure
controlled, constant rate cement delivery system
ultra high viscosity cement with extended working time
navigational, site and size specific cavity creation device 
Unparalleled control:
The system provides a continuum of unique product attributes that offer physicians:
StabiliT Vertebral Augmentation System, is a generational advance in vertebral compression fracture management providing the best of both vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation.
MODELRF -TVA with StabiliT Dfine
Reduced expense:
multi-level fracture kit - multiple levels at the price of one
fully configured kit
unipedicular approach saves physician/staff/facility time

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Compression Fractures Management Device, DFine, RF-TVA with StabiliT
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