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Manufacturer Specifications - Aquilion LB, Toshiba

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Aquilion LB

Number of slices1
Couch top material (COUCH)Carbon fibre
Couch top length and width (cm) (COUCH)219 (std) or 189 (short) x 47
Horizontal movement range (cm) (SCANNER GANTRY)219 (std)
Horizontal movement speeds (mm/sec) (Horizontal movement)189 (short)
Accuracy/reproducibility of table positioning (mm) (Horizontal movement)±0.25
Scannable horizontal range without table top extension (cm) (COUCH)180 (std) 150 (short)
Scannable horizontal range with table top extension(s) (cm) (COUCH)180 (std) 150 (short)
Vertical movement range out of gantry (cm) (SCANNER GANTRY)31-95.4
Vertical movement range in gantry (cm) (Vertical movement)66.9-95.4
Minimum couch top height outside gantry (cm) (Vertical movement)31
Maximum weight allowed on couch(kg) (Weight bearing properties)205
Maximum weight on couch which still achieves stated performance specifications (kg) (Weight bearing properties)205
Generation (SCANNER GANTRY)3rd
Slipring (SCANNER GANTRY)Low voltage
Aperture (cm) (SCANNER GANTRY)90
Scan fields of view (cm) (SCANNER GANTRY)24,32,40,55,70
Type of positioning lights (SCANNER GANTRY)Laser
Accuracy of positioning lights (mm) (SCANNER GANTRY)±1
Focus-isocentre distance (mm) (COUCH)712
Focus-detector distance (mm) (COUCH)1275
X-ray generator (POWER NEEDED, VAC)
Type (CONFIGURATION)High frequency
Location (COMPOSITION)Rotation assembly
Power rating (kW ) (Weight bearing properties)60
kV settings available (Weight bearing properties)
mA range and step size (Weight bearing properties)10-50 (5mA steps)
Max. mA allowed for each kV (Weight bearing properties)80 kV: 500mA
Type and make (X-RAY TUBE)Toshiba Megacool
Focal spot size(s) (mm), quoted to IEC 336/93 standard (X-RAY TUBE)0.9 x 0.8
Settings at which focal spot changes. (X-RAY TUBE)
kW = kV x mA / 1000 (X-RAY TUBE)80kV : 36kW
Total filtration (inherent + beam shaping filter) at central axis (mm Al equivalent) (Settings at which focal spot changes.)> 1 (inherent) 1.5 - 10 (wedge dependent)
Anode heat capacity (MHU) (SCANNER GANTRY)7.5
Maximum anode cooling rate (kHU/min) (SCANNER GANTRY)1386
Method of cooling (X-RAY TUBE)Oil to forced air
Guaranteed tube life (SCANNER GANTRY)300,000 rotations
Detector type (DETECTOR CHARACTERISTICS)Solid state
Maximum number of simultaneously acquired data sets (no. of slices) (X-RAY TUBE)16
Number of detectors per row (Maximum anode cooling rate)994(plus 2 reference detectors)
Number of elements along z-axis (Maximum anode cooling rate)40
Effective length of each element at isocentre (mm) (SCANNER GANTRY)16 x 0.5 24 x 1.0
Total effective length of detector array at isocentre (mm) (SCANNER GANTRY)32
Diagonal dimension of image screen (inches) (Image monitor)19 (LCD) or 21 (CRT)
Number of monitors at console (functions of each if > 1) (Image monitor)2 (acquisition/ review and processing)
Image area matrix dimensions (Image display)512 x 512, 640 x 640,
Usual range of CT number displayed (HU) (Image monitor)1024 x 1024
Accuracy of distance measurements in x-y plane (mm) (Image display)<1
Weighted CTDI (CTDIw or CTDIvol) displayed on console (X-RAY TUBE)Yes
Dose Length Product (DLP) displayed on console (Dose information)Yes
Geometric Efficiency displayed on console when <70% (Dose information)Yes
Control methods (SCANNER GANTRY)Mouse, keyboard
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