Manufacturer Specifications - CP-3800, Varian

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MODELVarian CP-3800
Large display with 11 lines and 35 characters/line for easy viewing
Easy method navigation for greater productivity
Access to all GC parameters for complete method editing and system control
CP-8400 handles up to 100 samples with liquid, ambient
headspace, or optional SPME sampling modes
CP-8410 with a fixed sample tray supports multiple vial sizes
Combi PAL offers maximum flexibility for liquid, heated
headspace, and SPME applications
ArchonTM with Tekmar Velocity XPTTM for automated Purge
and Trap sampling
CP-1177 Split/Splitless Injector with optimized split vent design
1079 PTV (Programmable Temperature Vaporizing) injector for cold on-column, LVI (Large Volume
Injection), and solid sample introduction with ChromatoProbe
1093 SPI (Septum-Equipped Programmable Injector) for high temperature capillary column applications
1041 On-Column/Packed Injector for 0.53 mm ID capillary and packed column applications
1061 Flash Injector for simplified direct injections
Valve systems for gas and high pressure liquid samples
Integrated SPT (Sample Preconcentration Trap) for concentrating gas samples
Column oven
Spacious oven accommodates three or more columns
Varian Quick Connects provide easy column installation
Rapid oven cool down increases sample throughput
Cryogenic cooling extends application range
Flame Ionization (FID) with a patented, ceramic flame tip for ultimate peak shape
and sensitivity
Thermal Conductivity (TCD) with automatic filament protection for lowest maintenance costs
Electron Capture (ECD) for ultra-high sensitivity and selectivity of halogenated compounds
Thermionic Specific (TSD) for selective detection of nitrogen/phosphorus compounds
Pulsed Flame Photometric (PFPD) for selective detection of sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen,
and 25 additional elements
Galaxie Chromatography Data System
Simple interface for easy method building and data acquisition
Password protection eliminates unauthorized data access and method editing
Easy for occasional users with customized screens showing just the information
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Gas Liquid Chromatograph, Varian, CP-3800
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