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Hospital Equipment Clearance Service

Hospitals from all over the world can now benefit from a special opportunity:
Sell your obsolete, outdated or unused medical equipment online!

MedWOW's Local Representive is Here to Serve You!

MedWOW operates an international network of franchises in many countries and regions all over the world. The franchisee in your country will personally handle the following activities on your behalf:

1. Collect Information & Take Pictures of Your Equipment for FREE

The MedWOW franchisee in your country will visit your medical facility, in order to photograph the equipment and document details, including: device name, manufacturer, model name, equipment condition, description, year manufactured and any available usage history. Please note that if you have stored equipment that is no longer in repairable condition, the entire system can be sold for spare parts to interested dealers.

2. Expose Your Equipment to Thousands of Worldwide Buyers

Your equipment details and images will be uploaded to the website by MedWOW, free of charge. The items will be featured for sale by a local franchisee on MedWOW’s multilingual website - guaranteeing maximum exposure on both local and global markets.

3. Choose Standard or Auction Sales

According to your preference, the items can be sold individually or by bulk, either through a standard (fixed price) sale or through an auction sale.

4. No Language Barriers - Total Communication

The MedWOW franchisee will negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf, in the buyer's language, in order to help you finalize the transaction successfully.

5. Local Management of Buyers' Inspection Requests

The MedWOW franchisee will manage any potential buyers’ requests to find a local inspector, who will come and inspect the items prior to sale.

6. Payment When Sale is Completed

Once a transaction is successfully completed, the service commission is deducted and the payment is transferred to your business.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with one of our professionals:

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