Manufacturer Specifications - MiniMed 630G, Medtronic

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Pump Weight: 95.7 gr
Pump Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.1" x 3.78" x 0.96"
User-friendly, waterproof design
Waterproof protection
Color screen with auto-brightness
Easy-to-use menu and buttons
Airplane mode for travel
Polished black exterior finish; easily customizable 
with a wide variety of personalized skins
Remote insulin dosing
Highly accurate wireless CONTOUR®NEXT LINK 2.4 meter 
(a MiniMed system exclusive)
Quick, easy delivery of a bolus
Fewer shots
Small device worn on your body that 
continuously delivers insulin
Tubing changes needed only every two or three days
Adjustable settings
Multiple insulin delivery settings

Six-day wear, easy insertion
Flexible design that moves with your body
Continuous glucose
Glucose readings every five minutes, right on your pump
Complete picture
Tracks your levels throughout the day, showing the effects of food, exercise and other activities
Up-to-date information that makes it easier to spot trends and make adjustments
Helpful alerts
Timely notifications when you’re going high or low
Adjustable volume for greater convenience
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Insulin Pump, Medtronic, MiniMed 630G
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