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Manufacturer Specifications - OTV-S190, Olympus

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Power Supply
Voltage: 120-240 V AC; within +/-10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz; within +/-1 Hz
Consumption Electric Power: 150 VA

Dimensions (WxHxD): 370x85x455 mm
                 382x91x489 mm (max.)
Weight: 8.8 kg

Eqipped with high-resolution HDTV imaging
capability to provide the best possible 
image quality for flexible anf rigid
endoscopes. Enables comprehensive observation
of different organs and tissue.

Compatible with a wide range of endoscopes
and camera heads, both for office and OR.

NBI is a proprietary optical image enhancement
technology that is only available on Olympus
prodiscts. NBI enhances the visualization of
vessels and other tissues on the mucosal surface
and is 20% btighter compared to previous models.

Two types of structure enhancement are available,
Type A for observation of larger mucosal structures
such as capillaries.

HD/SD-SDI and Dvi output for high-quality digital
video image transfer.

Convenient digital-to-digital recording of still
images into portable memory.

Pro-freeze finction improves the quality of still
image for flexible scopes.

Picure-in-picture display for any combination of
endoscopic images, ultrasound images.

Convenient index display for documentation.

Scope ID function for easier endoscopy management.

User-preset custom buttons for easier operation.

Noise-reduction capability for exeptional
image quality.
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Laparoscope, Olympus, OTV-S190
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