Medical Equipment Sales Leads

How to Purchase Leads?

Purchase Leads Credits

In order to purchase leads credits, please first register / log in to MedWOW.
A lead’s value is rated by credits. The higher the profit potential, the more credits a lead is worth. A lead can be valued from 1-8 credits.
An individual credit is worth $20. When purchasing leads credits, you have the option of choosing discounted packages to save money. The larger the package of credits you purchase, the less expensive each lead is.
CreditsPrice ($)Savings
120$20 per credit-
236$18 per creditYou save 10%
585$17 per creditYou save 15%
10160$16 per creditYou save 20%
15225$15 per creditYou save 25%
20280$14 per creditYou save 30%

Choose Your Lead and Get Buyer’s Details

There are 3 types of leads on MedWOW: When you have found your required lead:
  • On the leads page - review the number of credits that this lead requires, and check that you have enough credits. View my credits balance
  • Click on “Get Buyer Details” link on the lead page.
  • Choose between an exclusive purchase (this lead will be sold only to you) or a shared purchase (the lead can be sold to up to 3 different sellers).
  • Receive the buyer’s contact details and communicate with your buyer.