Medical Equipment Sales Leads

Sales Leads - Replacement Policy

The MedWOW Leads Quality Assurance Team invests a lot of time and effort to screen-out inappropriate or unqualified leads, through their stringent qualification process. While providing quality leads and excellent customer service are our top priorities, once in awhile a lead may not be exactly what you were looking for and needs to be replaced. Please note: MedWOW is the only medical equipment portal that allows leads replacement.

A lead that you have purchased can be replaced for the following reasons:
  • The buyer’s phone number is not valid or is a fax or pager number.
  • The lead is a duplicate or another company employee at the same address.
  • The buyer is a fictitious person or company.
  • The buyer claims he/she never agreed to accept sellers’ offers.
  • The lead does not match the specific information that is presented on the lead’s page on MedWOW: device, manufacturer, model, price range, or any other buyer’s requirements.
  • The lead has already been sent from our company in the past.
  • There is a language barrier with the buyer and therefore the seller cannot properly communicate with him/her.
To replace a lead you have purchased, please contact MedWOW's customer service department: click here.