Medical Equipment Sales Leads

Leads Verification Process

When it comes to providing you with Sales Leads, MedWOW is proud to offer the best leads in the medical equipment industry. The Leads Quality Assurance Team is devoted to providing you with Quality Leads, so they invest a lot of time and effort to screen-out inappropriate or unqualified leads through a stringent qualification process, so every lead you purchase is exceptional!

How does MedWOW’s Leads Verification process work?

We have developed an extensive, 4-step procedure that ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Outside our Gateway: Raw Information Validation

Even before the lead enters the MedWOW Leads System, we eliminate the following incorrect information.

We eliminate leads for invalid geography:

  • Area code and state
  • City and state
  • Zip code and City
  • Zip code and area code

We eliminate known invalid leads:

  • Fictitious persons, (for example: John Doe, Mickey Mouse)
  • Repeat consumers already in our database
  • Click fraud
  • Blacklisted IP’s

We eliminate duplicate leads:

  • We search, (and eliminate leads) up to 6 months back to ensure that a duplicate consumer does not enter the database.
  • We check names, as well as addresses and other identifiable characteristics to ensure that duplication does not occur.

Our in-depth database allows us to check and cross-check, eliminating inappropriate leads

  • We use historical data to measure both the performance and security level of any new site in our system, as well as rejections from every site that applies.
  • Blacklisted sites - we have a database of blacklisted sites that we make sure to avoid, checking each new lead to be sure it doesn’t match one.

Prior to Acceptance: Lead Verification

MedWOW verifies, corrects and enhances every piece of consumer data that we process, 24/7. Our purpose is to make certain that you have the most accurate buyer data available in the medical equipment business today. We make sure that this data is correct and relevant:
  • We verify lead details against numerous data points on every inquiry submitted.
  • We ensure that every phone number and address collected is correct, and related to that buyer. Any non-matches are either corrected or discarded.
  • We eliminate leads that contain phone numbers that have not been in continuous use.
  • We use historical data saved on our servers and geo targeted data checks to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of wanted leads.
  • We check the prices of buyer-requested equipment in today’s market, and remove leads that have stated a price that is suspiciously much higher or much lower than the average.

If any consumer inquiry does not verify, it is rejected before it can be imported into our system - automatically - 24/7.

Leads Delivery: Once an Inquiry Has Been Accepted into the MedWOW Leads System

We use "intelligent assignment": We constantly assign and deliver buyer inquiries. At MedWOW, we want to guarantee that you have the freshest lead available, and the buyers have the shortest delay between their submission and your response, as they are ready to buy NOW!
  • Choose between shared leads or exclusive leads for each item.
  • Matching process: full or partial match according to specifications. (Buyers can indicate if they are interested in receiving only exact matches to their specified request, or similar items with different manufacturers, models, etc.).
  • We deliver leads in real-time, so neither you nor the buyers have to wait.

Post-Delivery Feedback and Analytics

Once a lead has been delivered, we are only getting started…

  • Leads feedback improve our matching process based on your responses.
  • Tracking all communication in our system, and following-up with enhancements.
  • Statistical analytics to chart leads replacements, as we know that replacements can ensure your success - and we are the only medical equipment portal to offer a leads replacement program!
  • Random phone calls verifications to buyers and sellers In order to constantly improve our matching process and leads quality.

MedWOW’s Leads Verification Process Ensures Your Success.