Manufacturer Specifications - BioFlex Professional , Meditech

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MODELBioFlex Professional Meditech
Large Flexible ArraysAllows for hands-free treatment
Covers a large area of tissue 11.6 in2 (75 cm2)
179 superluminous diodes per treatment array
Built-in sensors on all treatment arrays to ensure contact with tissue
Laser ProbeLD-I 200 Class 3B Laser
3 Different WavelengthsHeals tissue at an optimum rate – 660 nm, 830 nm and 840 nm (peaks of cytochrome C oxidase absorption)
Software Scientifically researched and clinically developed over 30 treatment protocols for a wide range of medical conditions
Capacity to deliver an infinite range of protocols through the adjustment of parameters including frequency, duty cycle, waveform, energy density and duration
Menu-Driven “Info” and “Help” buttons – offer information and clinical advice for protocol applications
Software can be updated based on new clinical findings and research
Anatomical & Pathology TutorProvides detailed illustrations of pathologies and anatomy
Educates patients thereby increasing patient compliance
Option of Portable and Stationary ModeAll BioFlex Systems are portable and can be used in stand-alone configuration
Patient FactorsTreatment protocols modified according to variables such as age, skin colour and body type ensuring predictable and effective treatments
Electronic Patient SoftwarePermanent database includes patient info, history, diagnosis and prescribed treatments

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Low Level Laser Therapy, Meditech, BioFlex Professional
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