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Promotion Service

MedWOW's unique Promotion Service significantly increases the possibility of selling your item, as you gain exposure to new niches - wherever in the world you choose!

What is MedWOW's Promotion Service?

MedWOW distributes a notification to our huge database of potential registered and unregistered buyers, notifying them about your Item for Sale.
The Promotion Service significantly accelerates the selling process, giving you the tools to gain unlimited exposure effortlessly, by allowing MedWOW to do the work for you!

With the promotion service, your item is sold at the best possible price, with the least amount of hassle or time wasted. To promote your Item for Sale, simply go to "My Inventory", select the item you would like to promote and click "Request Promotion".

Distribution Options

Geographic Segmentations: 

Promotions can be distributed based on the following parameters:

    • Worldwide
    • Continent
    • Country
    • State  / Region 
You can choose as many continents / countries / regions as you would like.

Your Target Market:

Based on your target market, MedWOW will distribute your promotion based on the user segments that are most relevant to you.

User segments include:

    • Medical category
    • Device type
    • Manufacturer
    • Location


Sellers have found that MedWOW’s Promotion Service significantly increases their sales.

Promotion Service Fees


Cost Per Promotion

Up to 5 Countries


5-10 Countries


More than 10 countries / continent(s) / worldwide



Track your Promotions
Easily keep track of your promotions on My MedWOW.
Promote your Item for Sale/Auction
Go to My Inventory, select the item you would like to promote, and click "Request Promotion".