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Simplified Posting Service

MedWOW's Simplified Posting Service saves you valuable time by having MedWOW upload your entire inventory onto the site.

Uploading your Inventory List

Are you a seller with 10 or more items? MedWOW will do the work for you by uploading your entire inventory onto MedWOW, saving you precious time. Simply send us the list and we will post the items for you.

Please prepare a file in the following format, according to the item type:

Exporting your Website's Inventory

Simply send us your website's URL and we will export and post the items onto MedWOW for you.

Whether your website has 10 items or 10,000 items, this MedWOW service is simple and free of charge. We will even include the images and detailed specifications for each listing.

If your website is not in English, we will translate the listings into English for you – opening doors to the global market and significantly increasing exposure.