Tips for buying Colonoscope

  1. When purchasing a colonoscope, facilities should consider the following two main factors (which are highly subjective): image quality and ease-of-use. Buyers are encouraged to use each flexible endoscope system on a trial basis to allow physicians' input before purchase.
  2. All colonoscope controls should be clear and easy to operate.
  3. All colonoscopes should be clearly marked with depth-of-insertion markers no more than 10 cm apart. Marked position should be accurate to within 1.0 cm to help the physician in evaluating the location of the structures under view. The dimensions of the flexible endoscopes may vary, especially between adult and pediatric models.
  4. Facilities are encouraged to acquire colonoscopes that are compatible with a variety of video processors and light sources. This can help in reducing expenses when replacing a component in the endoscope/processor/light source chain.
  5. It is recommended that colonoscopes be compatible with as many reprocessing agents and devices as possible. Before purchasing an colonoscope, facilities should check compatibility between the endoscope and an automatic endoscope reprocessor.
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