Tips for buying Corneal Topography System

  1. Facilities should consider several parameters prior to making the purchase, including: system accuracy and number of projected rings.
  2. The preferred accuracy of the system is 0.1 diopter, and it should have at least 20 projected rings.
  3. The keratometer cannot provide information on the shape of irregular corneas, though it can adequately measure normal corneas or those with regular astigmatism. When dealing with corneal abnormalities, such as keratoconus or irregular astigmatism, specialists should decide whether a corneal topography system is more valuable than a keratometer.
  4. For patients with an atypical corneal shape, VK is a helpful process, particularly for refractive surgery and contact lens candidates.
  5. Auto-focus or auto-correction features are recommended because user errors could affect the performance of the device. 
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