Tips for buying Endoscope Light Source

  1. When purchasing an endoscope light source, compatibility with a variety of light guides is a must.
  2. The recommended endoscope light source units are those with a universal clamp or turret ports.
  3. When selecting the right endoscope light source device, facilities should look into light source gastroscopic devices offering manual and automatic methods of adjusting light output. Endoscope light source units with a backup bulb are also preferable, since they provide illumination when the main bulb burns out or malfunctions.
  4. All the endoscope light source device's controls should be simple to operate and clearly marked. They should be easily accessible and easy to read even under low-light conditions.
  5. The displays should be clear and easy to read. They should include a mode indicator, light output meter, and lamp life meter.
  6. A standby feature should accompany the light source gastroscopic device’s sources to suspend light output, which is active at start-up.
  7. At startup, endoscope light source devices should default to a low to medium light setting. This will eliminate excessive light when the standby feature is deactivated.
  8. When the light guide is disconnected from the port, the light sources should not allow the output of light. Therefore, preferred devices are those preventing light output when the light guide is disconnected from the instrument.
  9. Light source gastroscopic applications are offered in a wide range of options and prices. Therefore, facilities should make a very careful assessment of the available selection.
  10. The ability to connect to other endoscopes is an important factor, and so is the portability of some of the light sources.
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