Tips for buying Infant Warmer

  1. The task of infant warmers is providing thermal support for newborns in the delivery room, for ill infants who need continuous nursing intervention, or those undergoing treatment with extended exposure to a cool environment.
  2. In normal use conditions, the radiant warmer heat capacity should keep optimum thermo neutral temperature.
  3. The infant warmer will have the capability of safely warming a cold infant in a rate of skin heating that is safely controlled with a skin temperature sensor.
  4. Infant incubators should display the following data: skin temperature, power status (on/off), the timing of warming cycle and whether the heater is energized.
  5. Infant warmer controls may be manual or automatic, at least for the following degrees: 34°C-37°C. Surfaces or air contacting the infant should not exceed the temperature of 39°C.
  6. A warning unit in a manual mode should have an automatic timer set by the user, allowing the heater to function at a fixed temperature for a certain amount of time. The infant warmer should also provide an alarm.
  7. An infant warmer unit in an automatic mode should turn the heating element on and off in response to temperature changes in the infant's skin.
  8. Broad and quick changes of the patient's core or skin temperatures should not be allowed by the control unit, and so should excessively low and high skin or core temperatures.
  9. All the equipment and instruments assembled or positioned above the infant should be protected to prevent it from falling onto the infant and causing injury.
  10. Infant warmer units should provide shelf space and storage areas to eliminate the placing of objects on the units. The high heat exhaust from vents may cause a fire when items are placed on top of the hypothermia units.
  11. The radiant warmer units should offer a way of channeling patient leads, chest drainage tubes, and other lines. This is important for preventing cables/leads/tubes from being ensnared and gagged in bassinet sidewalls or subjected to a tug that might displace them.
  12. Some infant warmer units offer more options such as: phototherapy lights, resuscitation equipment packages, x-ray cassette holders, and fine cabinetry for use in homelike birthing suites.
  13. The platform for infant warmers with bassinets should be able to support the weight that a physician and assistants might apply during a procedure.
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