Manufacturer Specifications - Autoref_Ker Accuref K 9001, Shin-Nippon

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MANUFACTURERShin-Nippon Commerce

Autoref_Ker Accuref K 9001

ApprovalJapan and Worldwide
MEASURABLE RANGESph - 25.00D to +25.00D, Cyl - 10.00D to + 10.00D
Keratometic measuring rangeRadius of corneal curvature 5.0~10mm (0.01mm step)
Vertex distance (Corneal curvature measurement (Simultaneous binocular refraction))0,10,12,13.5,15mm
Minimum pupil diameterDia 2.3 mm
PD measurement (Keratometic measuring range)85mm(1mm step)
PRINTER (EXTERNAL BEAM)Thermal line printer with automatic cutter (Paper width 57mm)
Internal monitor (Keratometic measuring range)5.6 inch LCD monitor (color)
Shifting range (Keratometic measuring range)back/forth + 17 mm,right/left+-43mm,up/down+-17mm
Vertical Adj. Range for Chin rest (Keratometic measuring range)Up/Down 30mm
WEIGHT15 kgs
Date output (Keratometic measuring range)RS-232C interface video terminal
Power source (DRIVE ATTRIBUTES)100~240V 50/60hz
Consumption (Keratometic measuring range)80VA
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