How to Sell Your Items on MedWOW

Step 2: Communicate With Buyers

Interested Buyers:

When a buyer is interested in any of your items for sale, he can contact you by one of the following ways:

  • Send you a request using MedWOW's automatic system.
  • Get your full contact details and contact you directly.
Respond to Buyer's Request through MedWOW:

To respond to a buyer's request, simply select the Respond to the Buyer link in the email that you receive, or on the relevant row in the Interested Buyers section in My MedWOW.

You will be directed to the Respond to the Buyer page. The following response options may appear:

Item Price - if the buyer requested a price quote or to negotiate the item's price, you can respond to him/her with a new or discounted price for the item. Simply fill in the Suggested Unit Price field, select your currency, and select whether you would like the price to apply to All MedWOW users or only to This specific user. If the buyer requested to negotiate the item's price and you are not interested in discounting it, select the I can't discount the item's price checkbox.

Add Images - if your listing did not contain images of your item, you can respond to a buyer's image request by selecting the browse button and uploading images of this item, or by selecting the I don't have images of this item checkbox.

Send the manufacturer specifications to the buyer - you can send the manufacturer specifications to the buyer by either uploading a file with the manufacturer specifications or entering the URL where the manufacturer specifications are available. You can also select the I don't have the manufacturer specifications of this model checkbox if you don't have them available.

Answer questions regarding this item - you can answer the questions that the buyer asked by selecting the appropriate pre-phrased answers from the dropdown selections beside each question, or by selecting the Not Relevant or Unknown checkboxes beside each question if you don't know the answer or if it is inapplicable.

Remember: if you and the buyer don't speak the same language, there is no problem! MedWOW is available in 10 languages, and your communications will be translated for you completely free-of-charge.