How to Sell Your Items on MedWOW

Step 4: Ship the Item and Rate the Buyer


Ship the item according to the conditions agreed upon with the buyer.


90 days after the transaction - rate your business partner in one of the following ways:

  • My MedWOW > Awaiting Rating
  • Personal Daily Report - which you receive by email

MedWOW's rating system enables buyers and sellers to rate one another after having done business with each other. MedWOW established the rating system as a standard of encouraging members to conduct in fair and ethical trading on the site, as a user's rating is visible to all MedWOW users and is often a benchmark for assessing the user's credibility and reliability as a business partner. Rating is very significant as it contributes to the overall assessment of your business partners on MedWOW, and assists their potential business partners in the future. Similarly, the ratings that you provide and receive have an affect on your discount - therefore, the more ratings you provide, the greater your discount on future transactions on the site.