Manufacturer Specifications - 372500000, Bel-Art Products

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  • The grinders have a stainless steel or optional hard-faced blade rotating at up to 12,000rpm to rapidly grind a wide variety of material including bauxite, bone, ceramics, coal, Devorda's alloy and wood. Interchangeable grinding chambers reduce cross contamination.
  • Each chamber is 54mm x 25mm (2 1/8" x 1")ID.
  • The 1/5 horsepower (150 Watts) motor develops a torque of 2.2kg-cm (30 oz-inches) to maintain blade speed.
  • The aluminum housing with epoxy finish is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
  • Built-in heat exchangers help maintain sample temperature. Included tubing connections, 6.4mm (1/4"), on the top and housing can circulate water, methanol/dry ice slurry or liquid nitrogen for more aggressive sample cooling.
  • A resetable circuit breaker protects the motor and circuitry against damage from a jammed blade. Non-skid rubber feet protect the bench top.

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Ultramiller, Bel-Art Products, 372500000
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