The Complete Medical Equipment Buying Guide

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When purchasing used medical equipment, there are many important factors to consider to make your purchase as well-informed, secure and professional as possible.

This guide contains a first-of-its-kind collection of:

  1. Buying Tips

    for over 300 medical devices, as well as advice on the particular elements that should be considered prior to purchasing a medical device.

  2. Recommended Questions

    to ask the seller of each type of medical device.

  3. Inspection and Supervision Forms

    to use when ordering a professional inspection of each type of medical device.

  4. Real Time Inventory

    of over 250,000 medical devices and parts currently available via our global seller network.

* the updated version is downloadable as an Adobe PDF file, currently available in English only.

"The Medical Equipment Buying Guide should be a required reading for any hospital.""This book gives practical advice on what to look for when buying used medical equipment. The tips were useful and easy to understand, great job!""This book is a great resource for any hospital. It is written from an objective point of view, and clarifies questions that our hospital has always had about certain devices, but never had the answers to. Thanks MedWOW!!!"

Robert R., Hospital Administrator
United Kingdom

Helen S., Medical Equipment Buyer

Cliff R., Surgeon
United States