Transport Ventilator  -  Weinmann Hamburg  -  MEDUMAT Transport
Part details: Power Source WM28384  -  WM28384

Item 136885513

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Status: Open
Item type: Part
Category: Emergency Medicine
Device: Transport Ventilator
Manufacturer: Weinmann Hamburg
Model: MEDUMAT Transport
Part name: Power Source WM28384
Part number: WM28384
Condition: New
Year manufactured: 2018
Location: Kazakhstan
Unit Price: 700.00 USD
Comments: Цена указана без доставки
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Part description
Аккумуляторная батарея новая для мобильного ИВЛ Medumat Transport в кол-ве 1 штуки по цене 700 евро
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Transport Ventilator may also be referred to as: Ventilator, Volume | Ventilator, Continuous | Transport Ventilator | Emergency Ventilator | Continuous Ventilator | Ventilator, Transport
Seller details
Contact person: Талгат Досумов
Phone number: 7-775-2659995
Location: Kazakhstan, Qostanay
Business type: Service Company
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