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MRI Coil Repair & Refurbishing Services

As purchasing new and even used MRI coils can be very expensive, MedWOW found a way to make it more affordable for you.

Our service is performed by highly trained coil design engineers who actively design new coil technologies, thus bringing in-depth coil engineering knowledge to every repair. Within a week, your MRI coils will be repaired or refurbished at a reliable US lab, and ready to go.

MedWOW’s MRI coil repair and refurbishing services bring you:

  • Fast, competitive, and warranted service on all MRI coils
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • Service available for all manufacturers and MRI Devices coils
  • Highly trained and experienced coil design engineers
  • Refurbishment of coils to a "like new" condition
  • Engineering and applications support
  • Private Label & Distributor Services Available
  • Engineering Support
For more information please contact our MRI coils department at: