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Pay with PayPal

How it Works

For Buyers

  • Click the “Buy This Item” button, which is located on the item’s page.
  • Enter your shipping information. Click “Continue” and within 2 business days receive the seller’s response on the final price for this item (including shipping).
  • Click the “Continue to Checkout” link, for immediate purchase, or “Communicate with the Seller”, for more information.
  • You will be redirected to a “Transaction Details” page to review the transaction’s full details, including: item details, final price and your shipping information. On this page you will also choose your preferred payment method (Credit card or PayPal).
  • You will be redirected to a PayPal page to provide credit card info or your PayPal email account.
  • The seller confirms order details.
  • Your PayPal account is charged.
  • The seller ships the item to your location.
  • You can visit “My MedWOW” any time to view your “Purchased Items”.

For Sellers

  • To get paid using the PayPal service on MedWOW, you must have a PayPal account. Please note that currently, selling through PayPal is limited to 10,000 USD per transaction.
    For items costing more than 10,000 USD, we highly recommend using our Free Escrow Service, which protects your sale and has no price limit.
    Learn more about MedWOW’s Free Escrow Service
  • When a buyer is ready to purchase your item using PayPal, you will receive an email notification with the following three options for you to choose from:
    1. Confirm the Sale of this Item – Clicking on this link means that the item is available for sale and you are now being redirected to a page where you’ll need to provide the item’s final price and your PayPal email account.
    2. Communicate with the Buyer – Clicking on this link allows you to further communicate with the buyer before selling this item.
    3. Item is no Longer Available - Clicking on this link means that the item is no longer available for sale. Your item will be removed and you are required to update your inventory. In addition, the buyer will receive a notification about the removal of your item.
  • After the buyer pays for your item, you will receive a payment confirmation from MedWOW. Note that when the payment is transferred to your PayPal account, MedWOW’s transaction fee will automatically be deducted. PayPal will also send you payment confirmation.
  • You ship the item to the buyer’s location and provide tracking information.
  • You can visit “My Inventory” to follow this transaction.